Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After...


*Best time for up and coming comedians to take the world by storm, we're going to need laughter more than ever. People will gladly pay for your gift.

*Best time to learn about investing and INVEST.  Take advantage of the uncertainty, change and emotional panics.

*Best time to know the truth about those who are among you. His win came at the hands of SILENT supporters. DO NOT UNFRIEND! Who blinds themselves to their opposition? Watch the moves they make and use that knowledge to your advantage. Remember division is what got us here. You don't fight the tide, you swim with it. Use the momentum to work FOR YOU. Pray for your enemies.

*Best time to be a witness for Christ. People will be looking for solace in this time of despair and uncertainty. It's time to show His love and who He REALLY is not this false effeminate picture He's been reduced to here in the the good ole US of A.

*Best time to get on your grind with the gifts and talents God placed on the inside of you so you can become independently wealthy and not have to be depending on the government to sustain you. Maybe even create jobs! Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men.

*Best time to REALLY do something about racism. It can NO LONGER BE DENIED because it's the prevailing reason why this man got elected. PERIOD! It's here now, let's deal with it!

Just like no one could know/believe this would happen NO ONE but God knows what the next 4 years will bring. Don't speak defeat and regression into existence. Speak life and prosperity over your life, family and this country. You see that nut spoke his candidacy into existence. 😂 You better catch that and learn something. Seriously though, I get it y'all. THIS SUCKS! I did my part, but I'm really shocked bcuz I HOPED we were better, but since we're not it's time to look for the opportunities in this disturbing turn of events. He's everyone's president JUST LIKE Obama supporters let his opposers know he was their president too. There are people who are genuinely afraid and scared out there. They need your prayers, strength and faith. It's never about ourselves. God loves people. We have to love people.  ALL PEOPLE! If there was ever a time to pray for a leader... MY GOD! It's NOW! Happy Hump Day y'all. Take your emotional MOMENT but don't stay there. We gon be alright. 😘

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