Monday, August 17, 2015

Friendship is a Gift from God

Thinking about friendship and how people you will meet one day can become your family.  Family doesn't have to look like you, they just have to love you!

An excerpt from my novel, "Color Me Blind: A Divine Love Story."

Jasmine looked over at Blake and couldn’t believe they were 21 already.  Time was flying by so fast. 
She said, “You’re old now.” 
He laughed, “Uh you were old a month before I was.” 
“I cannot be bothered with petty details.” 
They laughed as he pulled up to the restaurant.  Blake got out and went to open Jasmine’s door. 
He said, “You look very pretty.” 
She said, “I know,” and laughed. 
He pinched her nose and then kissed it. 
She said, “You’re not so shabby yourself.” 
“Did you expect anything less,” he replied. 
She lightly punched him in his shoulder as they headed inside.
      The hostess led them to a table in the back.  All their friends were there waiting.  Sitting at the table was Damon, Lucy, Carmen and Ahmed.  Since sophomore year this had been their motley crew.  Lucy was a skinny little bean pole with a fresh pleasant face, shoulder length straight black hair and eyes the same rich hue.  Lucy was Vietnamese and had been Jasmine’s roommate sophomore year.  They hit it off instantly. 
Lucy introduced her to Carmen because they worked together as waitresses at a local restaurant.  Carmen was average height with an athletic build though she did possess the curves common to her Mexican heritage.  She had long dark brown hair that cascaded down to her backside.  Her brown eyes sparkled as she greeted Blake and Jasmine with kisses on their cheeks. 
Ahmed gave Blake a fist pound and kissed Jasmine on the cheek.  Damon and Blake had met Ahmed on the basketball court.  Ahmed was about five-eleven with gorgeous wavy black hair.  Since he was Middle Eastern his skin was the color of ripe olives and his jet black eyes were pleasantly mysterious. 
      Their crew was a uniquely eclectic one, but the love between them was as authentic as it could possibly be.  They embraced their differences and never took their ethnicities too seriously by always keeping the jokes about stereotypes frequently flowing.  Not everyone they encountered could handle the realness of what they shared.  As they were catching up Damon’s date arrived. 
She was a sista with bone straight hair and curves for days, the way he liked them.  Her cocoa skin was flawless.  She looked around the table trying to figure out how she would get along with this rainbow of people.  She and Damon had only been hanging out for a month, but she was already smitten with him like most women he encountered. 
He introduced her. 
“Hey everyone, this is Stacy.  Stacy, this is everyone.” 
He went through and introduced each of his friends by name.  Stacy was nervous and wanted to make a good impression, but she was starting to feel like she might not have anything in common with Damon if these were his closest friends. 
She smiled shyly and said, “Nice to meet all of you.”
       Just then the waiter came up and made his way around the table taking orders.  Jasmine eyed Stacy suspiciously and then shared her glance with Carmen and Lucy.  They both lifted their water glasses to try and camouflage their laughter. 
Damon was a ladies man.  He always had a new flavor every month.  They didn’t waste their time getting to know any of them and they didn’t even try to make them feel comfortable.  They had gotten burned too many times getting attached to a woman he brought around.  Their hearts couldn’t take the disappointment anymore. 
Jasmine wanted to warn the poor girl and tell her to run as fast as her long legs could take her away from that man.  She had yet to meet the woman who could tame him. 
       Blake and Ahmed always had his back and laid on the charm thick.  They gave every one of his women the benefit of the doubt that maybe they would be the one to make the cut. 
      Blake asked Stacy, “So what is your major?”
      “I’m a poly-sci major.”
      Jasmine asked, “Do you want to be a lawyer or an actual politician?”
      As if she was tired of the question she answered a little exasperated. 
     “I’m going into politics.  My family has had a politician in every generation.  This time it’s my turn.”
      Carmen caught the hint of dissent in her voice, “Sounds like following in the preplanned script isn’t what you’re passionate about?”
      Stacy consciously made her smile reach her eyes, “Now why would you say that?  I can’t wait to become a public servant.”
        Jasmine sipped her water and said, “Well, you definitely have the makings of a politician.  You turned on that charm extra sugary sweet in the blink of an eye.  I still have to agree with Carmen you don’t seem that excited.  Life’s too short not to do what you love.”
      Smile still in place Stacy asked, “And what exactly do you know about my life, sista?  You just met me so don’t go there.”
      Jasmine’s eyebrow shot up as she slowly set her water down.  Blake knew that she was about to go in hard on Stacy.  So did Ahmed and Damon.  Lucy and Carmen sat back to enjoy the show. 
      Damon was quick, “Uh Stacy, don’t mind my girls.  They always go for the jugular the first time out trying to see if you’ve got what it takes to stick around.  They don’t mean any harm.”
      Lucy said, “Yeah, it took me a minute to get used to it, but they’re harmless.  Well Carmen is but Jasmine, well that’s another story.”  
      Everyone but Jasmine and Stacy released a tension filled laughed.  Their eyes were locked on each other.
       “If I had known I was going to be interrogated I would have brought my lawyer along,” Stacy said sarcastically.
      “Honey if you can’t handle this table then politics is probably not the smartest decision you’ve ever made.  We represent just about every voting group,” Jasmine retorted.
Damon, smooth as ever, laid a soft kiss on Stacy’s ruby red lips before she could respond. 
       Ahmed always the peacekeeper said, “Quick Blake, say something oppressive and redirect the palpable tension.”
      Blake said, “I oppressed yo mama last night!”
Carmen said, “White people just can’t quite pull off yo mama!”
Damon replied with a straight face, “Carmen, half of me is offended.”
Lucy said, “Just don’t let your black half offend the waiter by not tipping him!”
Blake said, “Luce make sure you calculate the tip so Damon and Jasmine don’t have any excuses.”
“Uh, that’s Chinese people,” Lucy smirked.
“Wait you’re not Chinese,” Ahmed asked.
Lucy threw her napkin at him and responded, “Nope, the people across the street from your uncle’s gas station are Chinese.”
Damon said, “Oh you mean the one’s next to your cousin’s nail shop?”
Jasmine redirected and said, “Carmen I’m looking at the dessert menu and I don’t see anything on here with beans.  Sorry maybe next time.”
Carmen gave Jasmine the finger. 
She said, “It’s okay I checked with the waiter and they’re out of hot sauce so we’ll both have to tough it out.”
Damon gasped, “Now my other half if offended!  But Jasmine always brings us a bottle of hot sauce in her purse.  Ain’t that right Jazzy?”
“Actually it’s the hot sauce packets from various fast food joints,” Jasmine said.  “I’m all out though because Blake used them all trying to support Black History Month.”
Lucy asked, “Now Damon what are you going to put on your chicken?”
“I didn’t order chicken,” Damon lied.           
There was a collective smirk and then all of them fell out laughing.  When they composed themselves they each pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to Damon.
Damon exclaimed, “Here’s my tip!”
They laughed again.  It was a game they played frequently.  Whoever made them break their flow and laugh got a dollar from each of them.  They loved to freak out new people to the group with it.
Stacy stared for a moment slightly thrown off.  She wanted to be offended but she had to admire the quick wit and word play.  She could tell this was something they did often.  Before she could decide how to respond two waiters came out with their food and began distributing it.
      When all the plates were settled Stacy was about to dig in when Jasmine said, “Okay y’all, wait, we gotta bless the food.”
      Stacy caught herself as they all prepared to bow their heads.  She wondered if they were going to pray to Jesus, Allah, Buddha or the Virgin Mary.  She had no idea what to expect so she quickly said her own silent blessing.  She knew the rest of her night would be very interesting...

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