Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Two Cents on Trayvon Martin

I posted this on my FB page and from the response decided to blog it.  Please hear my heart people...that's all I'm asking.

To my white friends that I see are discussing deleting people from their pages.  It’s your page do your thing.  I respect your feelings and the life you live, so I added this disclaimer.  If you feel the need to delete me once I show you my heart, do what you have to do.  I will be the first to delete people for pure ignorance BUT don’t measure a person by ONE incident.  It’s not their totality.  I will have NOTHING but love for you.  If you’re on my page you know that I HAVE NEVER done or said anything to you PERSONALLY that was disrespectful, hateful or racist.  I’ve only been a friend/classmate/co-worker to you.  I know you don’t understand the walk I walk, just like I don’t understand yours. This doesn’t change anything between us.  But until you walk a mile in my shoes…  I am a BLACK WOMAN that means I give birth to BLACK MEN, A TARGET IN THIS SOCIETY, POINT BLANK, PERIOD!  Love you much!!!  #CheckTheStats

I’ve read all the posts on my newsfeed and everyone is focused on the INJUSTICE in this country for black men.  They say WAKE UP and realize this system wasn’t designed for you.  I say that this situation more than anything should show BLACK MEN just how POWERFUL you are.  THEY HATE YOU BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOUR WORTH - YOU DON’T!!!!!  It is my PERSONAL BELIEF that black men are one of the most powerful creations on this earth.  WHY?  THEY HAVE THE MOST OPPOSITION!!!!  No one fears or puts in place a design to SYSTEMATICALLY destroy you unless they have reason to fear you.  They don’t fear you because you’re dangerous in the sense they MADE YOU OUT TO BE.  They fear your MIND because it’s powerful!  They don’t understand how you can do what you do.  You drug dealers are doing chemistry and algebra in your head.  You hustlers are CEO’s of your own company.  You rappers are orators who can bring people together with your words.  REFOCUS YOUR GIFTS AND TALENTS TO ELEVATE YOUR COMMUNITY IN A POSITVE WAY.  Know that you descended from KINGS and QUEENS, not SLAVERY.  Know all the things that AFRICANS CREATED!!!!  DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES!!! STOP KILLING EACH OTHER over nonsense, money, cars, women, drugs!!!! Open your eyes and see it for what it really is.  Get in school, stay in school and educate yourselves in THEIR SYSTEM. Go to the library, talk to old people READ A D#MN BOOK and EDUCATE YOURSELVES IN OUR TRUTH – KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! The best war strategy is to infiltrate your enemy from the inside.  You gotta know their system to change it.  I am not telling you to USE VIOLENCE, I AM TELLING YOU TO USE YOUR MIND!!! TAKE YOUR PLACE IN SOCIETY! RAISE YOUR BABIES; ONLY A BLACK MAN CAN SHOW A BLACK MAN HOW TO BE A BLACK MAN!!!! YOU ARE THE HEAD OF THIS CULTURE we need you to take your place.  BLACK WOMEN it’s time to have their backs. I am not saying you can’t date another race of man that’s absolutely fine but you will STILL GIVE BIRTH TO A BLACK MAN.  So I submit to the women, the carriers of our culture that we DEMAND BLACK MEN STEP UP AND DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN THEIR BEST.  Use your influence to BUILD THEM UP, ELEVATE their minds and remind them of their worth DAILY because they are bombarded DAILY with everybody else telling them they ain’t nothing! 

To my Christian family, I don’t know why God made us all different races.  Personally I’m pretty doggone proud to be in my beautiful black skin.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the MOST HIGH GOD.  He is #JehovahRohi and my ultimate protector and yours!  He is sovereign and he does not make mistakes.  Take the time to say, hey God, we hurting down here, what are you working on that we can’t see.  Know your CREATOR; you will NEVER UNDERSTAND your PURPOSE until you ask the ONE that CREATED YOU!!!   


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