Sunday, December 4, 2016

Warfare Strategies to End the Year Strong - Week 4

Good day folks! We are halfway through this process of ending the year strong?  Are y'all still excited? I was at our church's Women's Christmas Party this weekend and one of our sisters, who is doing the strategies, had a brilliant idea.  We jumped on it and was like girl!!! If you don't do something with that.  You better run with that vision. So yes, our God is indeed moving as we intentionally seek Him.  Even if you don't see it manifesting for you, open your eyes for others.  Celebrate with them and watch Him bless you.  Keep listening for your divine idea if you haven't heard it yet.  But, can I be honest, this week was a little rough for me.  I was in my feelings a little bit about some things, which is quite rare for me, as my friends will attest.  It threw me off my game, which is why I'm doing this at two in the morning, LOL.  Let me tell you what I know. Our emotions are ALL FLESH!!!  While they are necessary to our human existence, nothing about them are SPIRIT.  So those little pesky feelings need to be put in place with the Word of God so that they are not drowning out the voice of the Lord and He can communicate with our spirits to give us the words we need to keep on pushing.

My tantrum this week was on my process and the WAITING!!!  Every now and then the process gets to be a bit much.  I had to find something to keep me grounded and anchored in the Lord, as the old folks would say. This song has been my SAVING grace. It has kept me sane these past couple of months.  Sometimes I play it on repeat.  Most times I'm not actively listening to it, but I know my spirit is.  Earlier this year, our pastor, Quincy Griffin, Sr. preached on "We are on the Brinks of Canaan." Since that time, we have seen God move miraculously in the lives of members - #TrueStory! Can I tell y'all what I know about Canaan?  There are GIANTS in Canaan. There are DISAPPOINTMENTS in Canaan. There is still a PROCESS in Canaan. One of elders taught Bible Study this week. Her message was "Be Content." Man, as soon as I saw it, I was like NOPE, don't want to hear it. We're supposed to be entering Canaan, you mean, I STILL got to be in chill mode - nah bruh!  She said, "Be content with what you have, as you wait for what you want.  Godliness with contentment is great gain! (1 Timothy 6:6)" 

Look here, I didn't want to hear it, but can I tell you something else?  One thing I do know that nothing and I mean NOTHING is going to trump God's timing.  The point of the process is to prepare us for the promise on our lives. Make no mistake about it, play with it if you want to, but your process is NOT happenstance or just sent to annoy you. There is a REASON.  It is to prepare you to handle the promise and blessings He has for you. Don't get it twisted, that promise is coming at the APPOINTED time and no devil in hell can delay or deny what God decreed (You can with your disobedience, but that's ANOTHER post).  If your promise gets here and your're not ready because you didn't submit to the process, that's on YOU, not God. He's taking you this way to equip you to handle everything you are going to face in your Promised Land (Canaan).  Now, if you miss the lessons in your process because you STAYED in your feelings, because you will have your MOMENTS, but you can't stay there, rest assured you will not be fully equipped to handle your blessing/promise and you could lose it OR it could bring you adversity and anxiety instead of peace and prosperity because you don't have the anointing to carry the weight of the blessing. It wasn't birthed in you because you did not SUBMIT to the process.  Your spiritual baby will be born at full term but under developed and need to be on (spiritual) life support as well as require special and additional attention for the rest of its life IF it doesn't die because it wasn't strong enough to last outside the womb on its own.  (Whew - now that's a shout right there!) There is a REASON why James tells us to let patience have her PERFECT work. That my dear sisters and brothers is our process!  I know, I know that process can work a nerve, but it's also working a divine purpose. Trust God's process, His promise, but MOST OF ALL - His timing!

This week we are seeking God for Divine Wisdom.  Each day we are going to seek Him in one specific area and YES, waiting on God is one of them, hence this week's blog topic.  Now I know why the enenmy fought me this week so hard.  The way this one is set up, remember not to put God in a box. Know that each day you are putting a different petition in the atmosphere. He may answer on that day. He may answer the next day or even next week or sometime before the end of the year. We must remember that when we actively seek Him, He will speak, but when He's ready and not a mintue before! One thing we know, we are not asking amiss, because we are seeking Him for His will for our lives, so rest assured He will speak.  Our job is to actively listen in earnest expectation.  I'm excited about this week. Remember, the requirement is to fast one day a week and pray at least 15 minutes a day. Even if you got knocked down or out this week like I did, dust yourself off, get back up and get back on your #KingdomGrind! We are in the home stretch, let's make every single day count!

If you missed the previous week's strategies and resources. Check them out below.

Remember I told y'all that strategic playlist is a warfare strategy!  I think I'll put together a "Process Playlist."  Here are some songs to minister to you in your process.  LISTEN to the lyrics.

Steady Me by Hollyn
Send the Rain by William McDowell

Standing with you in Faith,
Melinda Michelle

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