Saturday, December 17, 2016

Warfare Strategies to End the Year Strong - Week 6

Time is winding down and waiting for NO ONE!  Man, what a week this was.  The devil really tried it.  I am just going to share my Facebook post from Saturday with you because I'm just not going to re-type all of that. LOL

Man! This week started out real crazy. I don't know what kinda germs got me on Sunday, but they took me out for three days. I was like, um... okay, I don't have time to be sick. I'm over here trying to conquer the world and then this. I was like lawd, I'm trying to #EndTheYearStrong. I had a writing project to finish, a book to finalize for publishing and a 40 day warfare strategy to complete THIS WEEK! Didn't see how it was going to work. Thank God for this week's #WarfareStrategy.  #DivineStrategy to the rescue. I really didn't start actually functioning until Thursday which was after my doctor's appointment where I was told I have laryngitis and pharyngitis, but my germs were gone. I managed to get my client's book on it's way to the final steps but this 40 Day warfare strategy and writing project was a beast. Especially since God dropped three more chapters into the mix. I'm like... bruh... really? Then the idea came to me yesterday when I got home from work to work on them simultaneously. I'm like, but they don't even go together. Oh well, I'll try it. Write a chapter, do a strategy. It took me until two am this morning, but the writing project was complete. I got up at 8:30 this morning to finish up the last 24 days of the warfare strategy just in time to go out and act up with my girls for a few hours. Now I'm back on the sofa ready to put some finishing touches on and then dive into this upcoming week's blog/strategy #DivineIntervention. Then I'm going to rest up so I can enjoy my road trip tomorrow to see one of my dear friends say, "I do!" God is good and faithful. These strategies work if you let them even when the enemy tries to throw salt on your game. He thought I wasn't gonna be great. Epic fail on his part. But God!!! #iLuhGod

As always, I'm excited about this week's strategy because anytime we get to see the hand of God we should be excited.  As we work to end the year strong there may be some obstacles in the way, therefore we need Divine Intervention.  That's what we'll focus on this week.  Keep your eyes and expectation on the God we serve. He's up to something!

If you missed the previous weeks, no worries. I'll share below.

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Until Next Time,
Melinda Michelle

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