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Warfare Strategies to End the Year Strong - Week 1

As some of you may know, the next step for me since I finished my 7-Book Series, The Chronicles of Warfare, has been to create personalized warfare strategies for people to deal with things they are facing. It has been an amazing journey so far and it's only just beginning. With that being said, I am currently working on a strategy to finish the year strong. 

There are seven more weeks (49 days) left in the year. That is the number of completion and perfection. There are many promises God has given His people. We can't just sit back and wait on them, we have work to do. I will be posting the strategies on my blog every Sunday for the next 7 weeks. I encourage you to check them out and implement them in your life. God is up to something and if you haven't yet discerned, there's a war going on all around us. It's time to suit up and fight. So put your armor on and join me in finishing the year STRONG! 

Overview of Warfare Plan

Going by the Word of the Lord that’s been over the house of worship I attend, I know that God is moving mightily in the earth.  As a writer of spiritual warfare, I tend to look at everything spiritually. I try to see what’s beyond the surface and the bigger picture.  The last book I wrote in the Chronicles of Warfare series, “Saturday Showdown,” was about divine strategy.  He took me to the book of Joshua to study.  One of the reasons why Joshua was so successful in taking the Promised Land was because at the time, the people of Canaan were in a time of chaos.  This excerpt is taken from my Nelson King James Study Bible (emphasis added):

“In the Armana Period, Canaan itself became politically divided into several small states that were often at war with one another and which at times reported to the Egyptian Pharaoh that, because of the hostilities, they faced possible extermination at the hands of a strong enemy.  God had arranged the details of history in such a way that human conditions would be just right for the Israelites’ conquest of Canaan!”

Now we know today we don’t fight like they did in the Old Testament.  We fight with spiritual weapons, but you can see how the unrest and the division in the world is the perfect storm for the Body of Christ to stand up and be the light we were called to be.  My church, Family Worship & Praise Center in Tallahassee, FL recently had a prayer rally and I was one my pastor called on to pray.  

As one of the warring women was tearing up the carpet calling down fire from heaven I felt something hit me in the belly.  I looked up and my pastor made eye contact with me.  He mouthed, “You ready?” I nodded my head and knew that the burn in my belly was the Holy Ghost kicking in.  I can’t tell you everything that came out of my mouth but I KNOW that it was very strategic and that the main thing I asked for was release.  Everything I asked God to release was divine.  Each week we will focus on one of the divine things I asked God to release to the Body of Christ.  One thing I remember saying was, “Satan the blood of Jesus is against you! We are coming for you and ALL of heaven is behind us.  WE DECLARE WAR!”  

So you see, it’s time for us as the Body of Christ to take the fight to the enemy and stop waiting for him to come and mess with our stuff. It’s also time for us to TAKE BACK our territories and everything that’s been stolen.  Sun Tzu said, “All warfare is based on deception.” I agree.  But I also believe you don’t just jump on the battlefield without a plan or strategy. You need to know your enemy and what you’re up against.  You also need to know the God you serve that has your back.  That’s what these next seven weeks will be about.  It’s a strategy to finish this year strong because one of the decrees God set forth in our house of worship is that we need to finish stronger that we began.  Are you ready for this fight?  Let’s get it!

Recommendations: I recommend that you fast at LEAST one day a week.  My suggestion is the day you attend a midweek service or prayer.  I also recommend as an added way to kill your flesh on the day your church has its main service, fast with water only until AFTER the service is over.  If you want to fast more days that's up to you. Please make sure you get approval from your doctor to attempt this type of consecration. I highly recommend that on days you fast you also give up to vices. You can find more info about fasting here.

For Week 1 Strategic Plan click here.
Divine Protection

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